About Me


Photo by Molly Algernon.

My name is Star. I am polyamorous, kinky, and queer. I’m married, educated, and white. I come from a poor but well-read family and am living a middle-class lifestyle. My privileges and marginal lifestyle often vie against one another. I studied literature, and reading and writing fulfill me. I’m a shy exhibitionist. I am sex-positive and body-positive. I like to talk about everything, all the time.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I stumbled upon your blog but have enjoyed it thus far.

    Im seeking some advice on how to bring up the poly life style to my wife of the last four years, we have been together for about 9 years or so( bad with time lines thank god for Facebook timeline).

    I dont wish it to be just about sex but about enjoying the deeper connections that can still exist out side of a monogamous relationship.

    If i were to write everything that i feel it would go on for pages.

    We have recently opened up to each other about being interested in bdsm (i know tmi) so not sure where to go from here.


    • Sounds like what you just told me is a good start. Being able to accomplish any sort of healthy non-monogamous dynamic involves constant, completely open communication. So, write those pages about how you feel, then go tell your wife.

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